let's get together and feel alright


well, i had a feeling it would be a good day. i mean, they only charged me $.03 for my gazpacho (the woman behind the deli counter was a little, uhm, inept, and i didn't look at the price tag she created until the checkout chick said, “uh, hahaha, GIRL! you are only getting charged 3 cents for this thing — Giant's fault!” — and you know, i offered to take it back and get it relabelled correctly, nerd girl that i am, and she told me not to bother). at kinkos, something wasn't going right with my copying experience, and so the she-man (Pat?) behind the counter just did it herself and did not charge me (ok, so not a huge expenditure either, but i was still pretty shocked that it was gratis.) i discovered the 38B bus that literally delivered me from Ballston straight to 22nd and K and back again — for FREE, since today is an horrific air quality day here in our Nation's Capitol and so metro is trying to get people into busses and trains and out of cars (once again, tree-hugger girl opted to do her share for the air)… and it just seemed like too nice a day for bad news, despite the 100+ degree heat and the #%$#@% tourists everywhere. maybe i should buy a Lotto South ticket?

i went to the radiologist. he did a really, really speedy check, but he couldn't find anything. i don't know whether i should be ecstatic or worried (i mean, 3 people HAVE found lumps there, so it is a little strange), but i choose to be ecstatic. so you should be, too 🙂 thanks for the support, jokes, and good wishes. this sort of thing really tweaks me, given my family history, and it is awful nice to know you are in my corner, regardless of how annoying i become 🙂

btw, taking the 38B was interesting. the homeless woman who is a fixture outside central library was on my bus. since it was free, i think she was just taking in some A/C and sightseeing, although she got off the bus near clarendon. i hope she stays cool. her skin is incredibly ruddy, and she was coughing up a lung, which was incredibly unpleasant, but hey, everyone needs to be somewhere. then, the man who had a little alcoholic halo around him boarded around rosslyn. sitting downwind of him was also incredibly unpleasant — i think a shower is probably in his plans somewhere around late october, by the smell of it — between his BO, his alcohol, and his cigarette smoke reverb. but, like i said before, everyone needs to be somewhere, and when its a free day on metro, it is party time on the bus.

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