news of the day

after the last week of harrowing fun, i went to the breast surgeon today up in chevy chase and now have lovely ink drawings all over my boob. i feel like a work of art. she doesn't think definitively that it is anything bad, but she isn't sure, so between my family history and everything else, she would rather be safe. so, she is sending me for a rush-rush ultrasound on wednesday, after which she will decide whether i need to have a biopsy or not. (hopefully not, of course.) in addition to what i had found, she actually found a lump i didn't find, which was a little surreal. since a) thursday is july 4 and so nothing will happen then, and b) i can't do anything about it next week, i am not sure what the rush is about, but i suppose if i get good news from the ultrasound, then i will be pretty darn pleased.

and that is what i know.


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