and the evening begins…

i decided that tonight, i would have a glass of wine. a nice shiraz cabernet. not a super-duper one like el karlo, connoiseur of vino, AKA would purchase perhaps, but a yummy aussie drink anyway. if nothing else, it will scare any possible free radicals roaming about in my body. hopefully, i scared them shitless already and they decided not to take up housekeeping in my body.

(btw, that was in no way, shape, or form a knock on my buddy karly-warly. he is like a pusher when it comes to wine, but he certainly inspires one to try new and exciting bottles. who loves ya, babe šŸ˜‰

now, i think i will self-medicate with some chocolate.

who needs valium? i've got yummy hersheys and guittard šŸ˜‰


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