…and she's a doctor!

a dear friend of mine from college has cheered me up a bit. (i transferred midway.) lemme tell you about her: her predilection for Kaboom cereal, for ironing everything in her wardrobe and then some, and her peppy, perky warm heart keeps us friends years later.

she has helped me put a good new spin on my current health woes. and i quote (and i hope you don't mind me posting this – i just think you are soooo on target!):

“Of course, you realize that doctors are big chickens and would rather not have to worry about things even when we are 99.99999% sure it's nothing.”

you are so right, my dear. doctors are chickens. i will make that my mantra for the next few days. actually, i think i will shorten it:

mantra: buck, buck, buck. 🙂


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