have you hugged an endodontist today?

i nearly did. i have been having pain in two teeth, and two weeks ago, the bloke told me to brush with this Prevident stuff to try and make them less sensitive. they are slightly less sensitive, but i swear i still have pain when i chew. he does not see any reason for a root canal, though, so we are just keeping an eye on things.

the dude didn't charge me. two weeks ago or today.

i love that guy. i brought him homemade brownies today. i am not making this up. (too bad the hershey kisses i put on them melted in the 113 degree heat of my car. yep, my volvo recorded its highest internal temp to date. amazing i didn't grill along inside it.)

meanwhile, i wanna lynch my dentist. i always had perfect teeth – well, nearly perfect, anyway – until the dude convinced me that i needed to replace my silver fillings with folgers coffee… or something like that. ever since i had my fillings replaced, my teeth have been completely fecked up.

::sigh:: how did i get to be this age?


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