movin' to the country…

i failed to mention that the other day, my BS taught BC two songs off the old Presidents of the United States of America CD: “peaches” and “kitty.” i don't know which was funnier, BC singing “movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches,” or simply “meow, meow, meowmeowmeow meow!”

juxtapose that with the fact that she now is singing – randomly, i would add – a line from an old flower-power Donovan tune, at the top of her lungs in the middle of Target:

“oh juanita, oh juanita, oh juanita, i call your name.”

words that really have nothing to do with the reallydeep lyrics of the rest of the song:

“first, there is a mountain, then there is no mountain. then, there is.”

i can hardly wait to explain to BC what LSD is and why people on acid should reconsider writing lyrics until their collective heads return from the ether.


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