the curs

i'm really, really annoyed. is it because the news reported that some asshole planned to set off a dirty bomb here in washington? no. is it because i am terrified that india and pakistan are going to blow each other to smithereens? no. is it because israel and palestinians keep going at it in a harsh, bloody way? nope.

it is because of the corrs.

i took a mild power nap this afternoon and fell asleep with the TV on. when i awoke, i saw some sliver of a chick inviting Ron Wood — yes, THE Ron Wood — up on the stage to join her, her sisters, and her brother. The Corrs Live In Dublin, i think it is. anyway… this chick then launches into “Little Wing.”

lemme 'splain something here. “Little Wing” is BS and my wedding song. We had our first dance to it at our wedding — the Sting version only because, well, it was a wedding. But I adore the original Hendrix version; I enjoy the Stevie Ray Vaughn cover; and there is even a wonderful Clapton tribute which my friend Leifer thought was the original “Little Wing” until I set him straight šŸ˜‰ Sting's version is clever insofar as he has taken the standard and jazzed it up. it works, i s'pose, because it's Stingerino.

but this corrs chick? she sang the Sting version of it. she brought nothing original to it except for that little irish recorder thingy she played along with her sister on violin. and, to make matters insulting, she had Woodie play a teensy-weensy solo in the song. This is a song that has a soaring, and i mean SOARING guitar opportunity in it. and everyone — even Sting — has taken advantage of that wonderful solo.

but not poor Woody. i think they drugged him up or read him a riot act: please keep your guitar playing sanitized, please. either that, or maybe he is sleeping with everyone in the band (including the brother.) i saw that after this song, they covered “ruby tuesday.” i couldn't bear the muzak-ification of the song, not to mention the probable muzzling of Woody.

i turned it off.

what a nightmare.


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