neighborhood psychic, anyone?

we have neighbors down the street who have two kids, one BC's age and one about 3 years older. nice kids. the dad coaches T-Ball and is always out and about playing with the kids, and BC really likes him. the mom is nice, too. last year, they started remodelling their house. luckily for them, the house across the street from them was for short-term rent, so they moved there for a little while as their house was renovated.

the renovation finished about two months ago. the other day, i said to BS, “gee, isn't it odd. the husband's car is still in the driveway of the rental.”

BS said: “maybe they want the house to look occupied.”

i said, “uhm, do you think something is not right there? like maybe some marital difficulties?”

BS just looked at me like my imagination was working time and a half.

well. today, the wife called me to pick my brain (or the reasonable facsimile thereof) regarding child care. she is applying for a new job, a full time one. in the course of the conversation, we discussed the renovation-from-hell still going on across the street from me (yes, it STILL is underway), the german shepherd that belongs to the people who speak only japanese next door to her (they let the dog out at 11:30 pm and he barks all night under the woman's window) and other things. like, uh, oh yeah. she and her husband separated last november and will be divorced come this november. he has been living in the rental house while she and the kids moved back into the house. minor detail, of course.

i called up BS immediately. “guess what?” i said. “they are separated. i was right.”

of course, these are the bits and pieces of life that you really, really don't want to be right about.

p.s. i asked BS, “should we be getting divorced this week? it is the neighborhood trend.”

he answered, “nope. no more houses on our street are available for rental.” that's my guy 😉


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