freaked out

one of my many guilty pleasures is the music from the play/movie “G-dspell.” and yes, i am still a Red Sea Pedestrian, but i grew to love this as a little girl listening to it over my friend Jen-Jen's house.

have you stopped laughing yet?

but tonight, after watching the movie, i am completely freaked out. its bad enough that the extremely gorgeous man playing John/Judas is now dead of a brain tumor. and that a cast member as well as the guy who wrote the play are both dead of AIDS. but the film, which is shot entirely in NYC in 1973, has some freaky moments where the Twin Towers are in the shot. the cast sings and dances upon what i am guessing is Tower One. then, there is a moment where the actor playing Jesus is spouting some moving theological words with the Towers over his shoulder. stuff about people all being people of G-d and that sort of thing. we are all one. you know what i mean.

i cried.


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