strawberry fields forever

somehow, memorial day weekend is usually a bad weekend for us. pre BC, we were in a car accident one year, and then usually fought on others. i think three days in a row of family togetherness is a bit much for us…

but this year, it wasn't a bad weekend. on saturday, we drove out to delaplane, waaaay out in cow country, for the annual strawberry festival. BC got a rainbow painted on her arm (which she promptly smeared), won a cupcake in a cupcake “race” (yep, sugar at 10 a.m. yippee.), made a sand painting in a bottle, whined because we wouldn't buy her one of those birdy kite thingies, and petted farm animals. she learned a new word there: slobbered, as in “the cow slobbered all over my hand!” and that doesn't even include the excitement of a cow taking a piss right before your eyes. ah well. her big favorite, though, was a guy named mark jaster who, surprisingly enough, is a jester. yep, complete with lycra pants and a jingly hat, mark endeared himself into BC's heart.

and yes, we had strawberry shortcake and strawberry sundaes.

so saturday wasn't a bad day. although being sick kinda cut short my joy.

on monday, though, we went to a barbeque at uncle wil and aunt marsha's. we always have a great time with them, and BC adores, and i do mean ADORES her uncle johnny askew. i can safely share that i suck at croquet. BC adores the million cats who live at w&m's; but i think the star of her day was ungle johnny g & aunt janine's dog, paulie. somehow, she forgot the word slobbered in this instance, but no matter. paulie is a wonderful and sweet-tempered doggie. of course, after all this animal exposure: a) my allergies went haywire, and b) BC wants a cat, dog, and basically any other animal you could name. including, i suppose, a duck billed platypus. (she knows about them, too.)

i can forgive her that, though. i can forgive her anything. especially after she spontaneously broke into song. yep. her little cherub face sang “strawberry fields forever” with no prompting from anyone. lord, i love that child.


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