asleep at the keyboard

i don't think anyone truly understands sleep deprivation until he or she has a child.

child gets sick. mom and dad don't sleep. child gets well. mom and dad get sick. but someone has to run after child. mom and dad get sleepier. child wakes up at night to go to the bathroom. screams for a parent's help. or. child wakes up fearing alligators/monsters/witches/accountants (hahaha, just seeing if you were paying attention there, now) are in her bedroom/under her bed/in her bed. mom and/or dad awake to inform her first that there are no such things, then change the tune to yes, there are such things, but we will squirt them away with anti-alligator/monster/witch serum (read: water in a squirt bottle), then change the tune to alligators/monsters/witches are afraid of me because i am MOMMY! (or daddy.)

child goes blissfully back to sleep. mom and/or dad lie awake for the next two hours, pondering everything from work to terrorism to should i get the bathroom remodeled.

yep. sleep deprivation. that's what they should do to the prisoners of war. they'd be talking. yeah. y'betcha. y'huh.


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