the glamourous life

one night, while BS was putting BC to bed, i was surfing online and went over to (do not ask me why.) they have a contest each month, Your Words, where they ask readers to answer a question. not sure what possessed me, but i answered the question: which chores do you delegate, or hire out, and which do you do yourself? i told the tale of how one time, we tried to put in new lighting in the bathroom and ended up ripping out the wall. (uhm…oops.) the *entire* wall. we lost that bathroom for a few weeks. i said we like to think we are do-it-yourselfers, but there are certain tasks where we are willing to hire out to preserve the peace 🙂

apparently, i did a good job with my answer. they sent a photographer over to photograph me in the non-remodelled bathroom. (the wall is, of course, intact now.) i won the august contest and will be featured in the august Real Simple's Your Words column. go figure.

yep. my brush with glamor. first jeopardy!, now a picture of me. in the bathroom. with BC's rubber ducky.

you bet you were me, now, doncha.


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