it started out as a nice day. we went to meadows farms and bought some english boxwood, a persian lilac bush, a striped rose bush, some spearmint and some cherry tomato plants.

we dropped them off and then went off to the Taylor School neighborhood fair. BC hopped in the moonbounce, made a tie-dyed shirt, and fished in a pretend fish pond. she won all sorts of little prizes from playing tumbleweed bowling and the lollipop tree game. it was so much fun.

we got home, ate lunch, and were all tired. i went to take a nap, leaving BC in the capable hands of BS. in the 10-15 minutes i was upstairs, trying to nap, BC took an entire jar of vaseline and smeared it on herself, the wall, her blanket, her bear, her baba, her clothes, the wood floor, etc.

no library videos for 2 weeks, no candy for two weeks. the amazing thing is that she really doesn't care. no matter what sort of discipline we attempt, she could care less. it is really frustrating.


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