i love to write. i live to write. and i get a little upset when people give me boundaries regarding what i can and cannot write about.

that being said, i am feeling very sad. i think i wrote something that hurt someone's feelings. i didn't mean to, you know. “i started a joke” and all that assorted Bee Gees crap. it is ringing in my ears at the moment (and very little is less pleasant than having old Bee Gees stuck in your head, mind you.) i just wrote a little something that involves someone i care about. lo and behold, it is going to get published now. i should be thrilled. i thought i used gentle humor, but evidently, i've hurt someone.

i am confronted with two conflicting parts of my nature: the desire to write, unfettered, versus the desire to protect those about whom i care deeply. i need to err on the side of the latter. but it can be hard sometimes.

trixie is having a two thumb day ::sigh::


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