the ymca has offered me a free, one-month membership. i always wanted to try the Y, despite the fact that i am neither Y nor M nor C. yesterday, i achieved nirvana with 40 minutes on an elliptical stepper followed by a ton of weight machines. today, i figured i would try out the step class.

now some might call me, er, challenged. i've got rhythm, to be sure, but i am not exactly someone nureyev would call upon and say, “honey, wanna try out these steps?” the class is taught by the perfect-bodied 21 year old who starts off class with the excuse that she might not be all there today because she just finished her finals.

poor baby.

after about 20 minutes of stepping on my toes, i decided that perhaps i would be better off downstairs on the poky elliptical stepper after all. i liked that much better.

i just don't appreciate people cheering me on while i sweat. its a little too richard simmonsy for me.

not to mention the shitty '90s dance music. didn't like it then; don't like it now.


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