so the house construction across the street is achieving a strange metamorphosis. when we last left the structure, it had been completely taken down except for the brick front.

now, the structure is up. the brick has just been painted grey. interesting. then they put on cedar shingles. they didn't go with the grey brick, but what the hell do i know? then, they painted the door a maroonish-red. ok, methinks i am not the stylist to the stars, but i know a house not matching when i see it. in short, i am perplexed.

so tonite, i am taking out the garbage, and in the span of, oh, say 2 hours, the cedar shingles have been painted a dark bluish grey. unevenly, i might add. hmm.

things i don't understand:
1) why paint bricks?
2) why paint CEDAR SHINGLES?
3) why did they keep the brick front only in the first place? they knocked the whole rest of the house down, so i guess maybe i don't get it all….


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