i like lunch, even the pink dipping sauce

today i had the genuine pleasure of meeting maddening IRL for lunch along with karly-warly. karl was on KST (karl standard time); but since i have grown fond of de guy, i didn't mind one whit. in fact, when akadashi-san and maddening-san showed up, i was merely annoyed because i had been watching a lady who was so busy talking on her cel phone that she couldn't see how her ridiculous parking abilities were impaired and she selfishly took up two spots in the process. G-d, i hate stupid people.

but i digress. we had yummy thai food; we two chicks are vegetarian in our fashion, so i didn't feel like a freak of nature 🙂 i never did figure out what was in the pink sweet sauce that came with the veggie rolls, but no matter. it was a lark, and i am glad to got out of the house — it definitely was better than the trip to home despot i had planned 🙂

heehee. thanks for lunch, el karlo.


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