happy birthday, dad!

today is my dad’s 70th birthday. i could talk for weeks about what a helluva guy he is. he took me to performances of the garden state philharmonic when i was little and didn’t give up on me when i threw up at the bolshoi ballet. he encouraged my out-and-out beatlemania. he brought me “mother jones” and “the progressive” to read when i was 11. he didn’t think twice about teaching me to throw and bat, even though “girls didn’t do that” back when i was little. his work schedule was more flexible than mom’s, so he ended up staying home plenty when my brothers or i got sick. he sewed up the hems of countless pairs of my pants, and still cooks the best french toast in the whole world. (when people would talk of “women’s work” and “men’s work,” i never got it — in my house growing up, my dad did plenty of house stuff.) he drove me to countless places, even during wicked bad snowstorms. and he didn’t have a coronary when i left law school.

happy birthday, dad. i love you!


One Response to “happy birthday, dad!”

  1. […] written lots about my dad in this thing over the years, enough to make all his poker friends probably needle him if they ever […]

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